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Update Log

7/10/23 - Edited poetry page again. Separated my good poems from my not so good ones.

6/23/23 - Edited poetry page: instead of one long column of boxes, it is now two less long columns of boxes, separated by year. The singular column was not an issue when the page was first created, but as I wrote more, it got longer. Also changed the boxes to be black with white text instead of the other way around.
Published prototype music page: settled on a layout. Made it. Copied over album thing from homepage. Inserted list of albums for the year so far, and an iframe. Changed The Birthday Massacre section on homepage to a new music section and moved the old one to the music page.

5/13/23 - Have created a container on my new music page and put some text in it. Better than nothing!

3/3/23 - Changed guestbook background to be saataa andagii hehe he

1/25/23 - Got Emily's Secret Book of Strange, and an Emily the Strange Hot Topic skirt, so those have just been put on my page of all my Emily the Strange stuff.

1/15/23 - Updated about me page to reflect my current personality and interests. ...Again

1/4/23 - First version of my NEW HOMEPAGE is up!!!!! Is not perfect but like, I just wanted to be done working on it, so I got it to a sort of finished version. This is the first homepage of mine that I actively enjoy looking at, so that's great! Also, changed stuff like link styling. Removed that from style sheet. It's screwed up a bunch of things on the site but whatever. I made the links on the links page highlighted so that they are legible. Hey! That thing I said last April about figuring it out at some point! I DID IT!! HAHAHAH

1/3/23 - For the past few days, have been working on NEW HOMEPAGE FROM SCRATCH! Total redesign. All the content is currently there, but it is not done being stylized and decorated. Might still take a few more days.

12/7/22 - The anime page is done! The first version, at least. Some things will be changed in the future, certainly, and it will be updated as my life goes on, but right now, it is complete. Very proud of it.

12/5/22 - Started trying to figure out new anime page a day or two ago, and now am in the middle of work building it. Figured out the base layout today and have begun filling it with content.

12/1/22 - Added in Under Your Spell to the Birthday Massacre page. The rest will come (eventually).

11/15/22 - Loads of work done! Finished first version of Galaxy Angel page! It will have slight updates in the future, but it's done as of right now.

11/14/22 - Most work I've done on this website for MANY months. Created the whole Galaxy Angel page layout. Made an animated Galaxy Angel logo. Made a GIF for each of the angels. Put in the music player. Lots more images put on there. Now I just need to put all the text and decorate the fuck out of it. Should be done soon, but am breaking for now.

11/11/22 - Forgot to say this but I began work on my Galaxy Angel page. Few days ago now. Maybe a week or so? Whoops. Very early stages. Still not quite sure what to do with it.

10/7/22 - Album ranking has been changed to better reflect my current opinions, loose as they are

8/6/22 - Updated about me page to reflect my current personality and interests.

7/22/22 - Put Pins and Needles and Hide and Seek reviews on my Birthday Massacre shrine page. Still more to do!

7/18/22 - FINALLY beginning to fill out my tabs on my TBM shrine. Only took me four months. Have still got more to type out, but at least it's actually in construction now.

6/26/22 - Added quiz results page to Emily the Strange fan page and created contact me page

6/25/22 - Finished my Emily the Strange fan page! Got soooooo much work done and it looks so good. Am pretty proud of myself. Practically wrote all of the pages in one night. There will be more to add to it, like a quiz results page, and other stuff. Once I think of it. Maybe I can write a fanfiction for Emily or something :o that would be cool.

6/24/22 - LOTS of work to Emily fan page!!!!!!!! So proud of myself! It looks great and it works! Now I've just got to work on and write all the sub-pages for it, so not ready to link it to homepage just yet. All the preliminary work is mostly done. Can always be adjusted and improved, but what I have right now is a wicked start.

6/23/22 - Have begun work on my Emily the Strange fan page! It is not much at the moment, but I've got a background image, a specific cursor, a specific link hover color, a specific highlighting color, a couple of images, one of which is a link, and a paragraph of colored text. It's a start. Will just have to put the work in and do my research to demonstrate my passion!!!

5/20/22 - I forgot. A couple of nights ago I tidied up my homepage. I changed the main text. I got rid of the bullet points in the sidebars. I made the font size smaller. I shrunk the margins between boxes. And shrunk the boxes too. It should look more compact now.

5/7/22 - Finished consoles page! It's been a while since I finalized work on a web page. It doesn't look great, but eh, I guess it doesn't need to. It works.

5/6/22 - Workinnnnn on my video game consoles page. I edited the homepage so that the Yesterwebring widget is on the left sidebar, and I added my button to the homepage as well so hopefully people will link to me more ;v;

4/29/22 - Yes I'm still here hahaaa. Named the games I'm planning to play on my video games page, and I made it look slightly better with the colors and such.

4/19/22 - Finally put some decorations back onto my homepage

4/13/22 - Started to change homepage a lot. Changed background, gave boxes image backgrounds, got rid of all the decorations, merged middle boxes into one. Nowhere near done. I'll figure it out at some point, it's hard!!

4/11/22 - Made a game directory thing for multiple game-related pages that I need to make

4/7/22 - One month since I created my website! Blog page is now diary page. I figured out how to use iframes (with help from lovely people over on the yesterweb discord server) to embed pages within pages, which will allow me to have all my diary entries in one place while still keeping it compact.

4/6/22 - Created blog page!! Pretty happy with how it initially looks :3

4/5/22 - Reorganized links page, put chibi image on homepage

4/4/22 - Created games page and moved updates to their own page. Also made a new content scrolly thing on homepage. Not much on my website looks great right now and I'm not sure how to make it better. Eh

3/25/22 - Anime page created

3/24/22 - Joined Yesterweb Ring!! :D

3/21/22 - Created blinkies page and poetry page

3/19/22 - Finally finished my first version of The Birthday Massacre shrine
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