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What is a poet? Well, I write poetry on a pretty regular basis right now, so that's got to count for something.

My favorites are displayed on top, and others are below them.


Tower of Nowhere

I climb the crooked spiral stairs
Up to the tower of nowhere,
And peer out of the windowpane
At moonlit night and freezing rain.

I hear the sounds of scream and shout,
And from the lancet, leaning out,
I spot the children as they play,
Escaping from the frightful day.

I race down to the world below
To join the bunnies and the crows
And splash in puddles through the night,
Sun out of mind, and out of sight.

Written May 10, 2024

One Queen Anne

Upon this narrow road which trees enclose
Queen Anne house towers with imposition
Memories of fulfilled premonitions
With broken dreams, tainted whimsy forbodes
Further spread of magic's dereliction

Her intricacy full of hidden nooks
Oriel windows and stacks of old books
Crooked music boxes sung in lost peace
Funereal lullabies now deceased
For the bewitching world which blind ones took

Written March 31, 2024

Night Dwellers

In this dreariest of windings do the night dwellers roam
Their sanctuary paints deep black on every dismal home
Innocuous or wicked, shadows cloak their witchery
Unseen through lancet windows, while the unknowing cocoon
In dreams, each soon to be its own forgotten mystery
Seconds all forming into long-forbidden history
Seen only by the devils who pervade this catacomb
Each a lone practitioner of the lost ways of the moon

Written March 1, 2024


Under pointed arch went one or other,
On sorrowful night, in destiny's knot,
Time moving slowly as the tolling bells.
In gloomy velvet, the moon did hover,
Sulking and still against the answers sought.

So very still that it refused to fall,
As darkness conquered the pitiful land
And seeped its claws into every pall,
Their pallid corpses neglecting to rot,
Spirits restless within fresh bodies quelled.

Medieval cathedrals and charnels teemed,
As did valleys and oceans as years left.
In a hollow nightmare or a dim dream,
The surviving forlorn, glum, and bereft,
Each standing apart like finials tall,
Surveyed the morbid expanse remains spanned.

In the final elegiac hour,
To the closed eyes and lasting night, it seemed
The world once vivid and bright, turned dour,
Had become another miserable hell.

Written February 25, 2024


Look underneath to the forgotten place
She crawls inside, the girl of black lace
And comes to a realm that is never bright
With its violet days and its blackest nights

The world is silent, the trees are dead
The fog but a wish from sullen tears shed
It won't be long before she takes her broom
To fly in shadow and dream on the moon

Written February 16, 2024

Magic Sky

Come to me, night of the diseased
Poison me with your bloody call
I know you're out there, outside the world
Moving the dark as you move all

The sign of hate, of dreadful peace
A knowledge everyone will know
The spiders crawl across the page
And in the magic sky flies the crow

Written January 16, 2024


Yearning For Spirits

This night is of dread and missing hope
Of the silent streets on which I mope
My mind invents the only sound
Fractured emotions like bones unfound

Buried in a blizzard of sunbeams
The black wish in which I am engrossed
To sink into unhallowed dreams
Of shadows and sinister ghosts

Written November 26, 2023

Dead Years

Raven hair soaked with evil rain
The perfect weather for us ghouls
It's this strange midnight that we mourn
As we're forced to follow the rules
Silent nightmares behind the thorns
Crawling to our deaths in disdain

Written October 1, 2023

The Ghost of Faraway Twilight

Crawling clouds above a castle grim
Letting tears drop like corpses pale
Emptying dusk of light grey and dim
Spreading sorrow like pelting hail

Outside the dark halls there floats a ghost
Wandering among ancient graves
Thinking about what she detests most
Living as an elated slave

The foggy forest surrounding her
Protects her from the harm of cheer
Mystery of light confounding her
As she has her most haunting year

Beings beyond emerge with the sun
But into the night she sinks low
As for the daylight, she wants none
The clouds continue to pass slow

Written September 24, 2023

Reverberated Web

Keep your eyes to the floor
Where all the spiders crawl
Pluck strings with black hole nails
Echoed sound of your fall
Embrace the midnight pall
As jagged posture pales
And shares your shadow core

Written September 7, 2023

Pink Doom

Blossom walls and a floor of pills
Shrouded bones in a mess of frills

Pastel bows keep the dark sky full
Midnight tears from a sugar skull

Scarlet gush paints her pretty lace
Pallid blush on her broken face

Sinking into a fluffy bed
Feeling ever so sweetly dead

Written August 9, 2023

Innocent Suicide

Lonely and dark in this bittersweet room
In her black dress made of cotton and doom
Ripping and cutting her miserable dolls
Maybe they never were deathless at all

With a sweet smile, she raises her knife
Heart sliced like cake as she takes her own life
Broken and dear like her soft little friends
Raspberry bloodstains on happy dead ends

Written July 31, 2023

Blood Sugar

Halloween twilight rains down on her scars
Childhood memories so very far
Lullabies slashing her candlelight skin
Dancing and playing through every sin

Vacant eyes smiling at candies she likes
Eyelashes stabbing her softly like spikes
Letting pink shadows spread darkness so sweet
Never forgetting her last trick or treat

Written July 10, 2023

Cotton Candy

Pretty little dolly got her eyes ripped out
Without a mouth I can't tell what you're talking about
Lost in a playground, all the children play a game
Telling chocolate lies, all their voices sound the same

Ice cream made with frozen hearts to lick as a treat
Bloody heads on sticks like cotton candy to eat
The rosy sky above that watched us all start to rot
Memories uncovered of the death we forgot

Written June 22, 2023

Dark Caress

Through funereal silence, she sneaks
Dim moonlight licking at each bare breast
A forbidden, faraway charnel

Creeping inside, the air cold and bleak
Driven by desires most carnal
She exhumes ancient, forgotten bones
And gathers them between weeping thighs

Their ghosts listen to her lustful moans
Tendrils of shadow, a dark caress
A love that speaks in orgasmic cries

Bathing in remains of cremation
A spell to conjure pure elation

Written June 14, 2023

Moon Chains

All is calm under the gloomy weather
Clouds weeping outside a candelit nook
Into the cauldron, a raven's feather
A recipe from an ancient spellbook

Dandelion stem, blood of a spider
Stirred, spilled onto a crimson painted rune
She smiles as the darkness grows wider
And night takes prisoners, chained by the moon

She floats out, hearing the world's awful cries
Her hex of black globe not one may unsee
Shackled in wait, withered for lost sunrise
Amidst their nightmare, she is truly free

Written May 11, 2023

Endless Night

The canopy creates endless night
Poison thorns curled around every trunk
No sun coming through, only moonlight
Cursed ponds of blood where all joy has sunk

She moves through the black like chilling breeze
Knowing each rock and pit as she goes
A distant home among haunted trees
Shuddering under murders of crows

A human wanders into the depths
Searching, frightened by each fading groan
She listens to their uncertain steps
Smirking, knowing that they are alone

She jumps out to scare, casting a spell
A hex born out of a solemn mood
And after they scream, falling to hell
She retreats back into solitude

Written May 2, 2023

Crying Trees

In the absence of illumination
Mystery stares, pale shadows in her eyes
An unachievable satiation
For the grim, cloudy night in which she dwelt
Trees cry softly as their white blankets melt
The blinding sun leaves me to agonize
Missing rain and darkness that I'd once felt

Written April 4, 2023

Beautiful Demise

Inside our coffins, we are all the same
A midnight of nothing us lifeless share
After the candle melts, there is no flame
Yet you can smell the lingering despair

Those who ponder ends with faces forlorn
We bury them with their delicate lies
Ever since into brief life we are born
We creep towards our beautiful demise

Written March 29, 2023

2022 and older

Dark Haven

Pallid crescent frowns from its void
Glowing moonlight upon crooked spire
Dripping tears upon those leaden bricks
And through its window, vacant and lightless
Sinking into the chamber in which I sulk

I sit in the corner, brooding and still
Listening, watching the anguished drops
A woeful ghost and her pale shadow
Reveling in dolorous solitude
My dark haven of beautiful nightmares

Written June 28th, 2022

Dreary Sanctuary

With each night comes dreary sanctuary
And its brumous shadows to which I cling
Content in my gloom till the dawn of day
When fiery beams burn and melt it away
I hide from the irking brightness light brings
And dream of the sun’s obituary

Written June 24th, 2022

Nocturnal Solace

Sullen twilight purifies atmosphere
Night enshrouds it in tenebrous hush
I wake, skulking past dismal dwellings
My subfusc dress flowing in darkness
A grim silhouette against barren trees
Cloaked by this ghostly realm's empty shadow
I gleefully wallow in caliginous dread
Creeping through my nocturnal solace

Written June 14th, 2022

Desolate Groove

A chill crawls through our window
Bulbs strewn along the ceiling
Magenta photons sprinkling
Into penumbral solitude

Dark tape steadily unwinds
Lonely voice sings for the void
Drenched bass guitar is plucked
Reverberates its deep gloom

Our heads bob to the rhythm
Hair covers eyes, black lips frown
Us shadows, the wind, the night
All lost in the desolate groove

Written May 21st, 2022

World of Fright

One day, a girl laid in the sun
Watched all the humans having fun
So bored of it she grew, so done
That off she ran, her dusk begun

Into the earth, she dug so deep
All of the darkness, hers to keep
She listened to the monsters creep
And whisper lies to help her sleep

When she awoke, a world of fright
Surrounded her, made of moonlight
Through her eyes, both near and farsight
She found the beauty of the night

She walked along the path of skulls
To the ocean of all lost souls
There she drank from the bloody bowls
Potion that filled her heart with holes

In the forest where strange plants grew
Witches snatch for their gloomy brew
Lanterns shining with lights askew
Casting shadows where ravens flew

In the distance, mountains towered
Like teeth, biting something sour
The girl and the dripping flowers
Each breathed in the air so dour

With ghosts and spiders all around
She traveled into undertown
As she sat in a shack she found
Black kitties made their meowing sound

So now she knew that what she lacked
Was this place full of lovely black
She spoke before she hit the sack:
"I sure am never going back!"

Written May 16th, 2022


I want to hang out in an abandoned room
Away from all people, like a lovely tomb

Its silence letting all my emotions bloom
Happily basking in my own little gloom

Written May 15th, 2022

The poems below are the ones I personally don't like quite as much as the ones above.

Underage Underworld

Alone in midnight forest fog
She skipped along and fell far down
Snapped her neck, destined all along
Hands dragged her soul beneath the ground

"Where am I going, Miss Reaper?
Am I bad? Have I done unwell?"
"Darling, I'm bringing you deeper
'Cause all little girls go to hell."

She was brought to the deepest pit
Where every whisper is a hex
By eerie flames, faces were lit
Where candy lips are met with sex

Atop the throne sat a small girl
Who smirked down to her realm with glee
Ruling over her dark red world
Of demons who live their deaths free

Written May 17, 2024

Ghost of a Shadow

In the night's dreary silence
I hear the echo of a song
As the black enters my ears
I know it's here I belong

The faint ghost of a shadow
Whispers its sweet agony
As emptiness folds in itself
I feel its cold black in me

Written December 30, 2023

Unreleased Packaged Utopia

Glass walls give those hollow stares
On-sale goods and market shares
Stainless steel, uncanny sheen
Smiling face on every screen

Perfect shores and cloudless skies
Lifeless plants of every size
Time so flawless, it’s surreal
With this cash, who’d ever steal?

Written December 18, 2023

Sulk The Life Away

Eating cake and staring at an empty page
Wishing the rainy days would never end
Dancing under midnight's violet miasma
Maybe enough brooding will spell my doom
I'm waiting for this motionless dream to die
So a nightmare can come kiss me at last

Written November 16, 2023

Floating Scraps

Rocking in the wooden crib
Atop a mountain of fuzz
Dangling off of the steep cliffside
With a mechanical buzz

Tucked underneath its curtains
Tattered plastic doll sleeps
In its nightmare it escapes
While closer the grey wind creeps

Written November 5, 2023

Broken Rattles

Come down the alley of ashes
Let's pick up our broken rattles
Monochrome desires and pallid stare
Tender embrace of dome ribcage
Smoke comes off of our dumpster
Moving side to side
Slip underground to swipe up snow

Written November 1, 2023

Imagination's Mirror

Through the gap in the dark, streetside trees
There's a hidden place that she sneaks to
Her lonely sanctuary of dreams

Where midnight breathes a lifeless violet
Neighborhood lights are invisible
And all sinks in the purple shadows

She is dancing in that subfusc haze
In her cathartic isolation
Dead to everybody but herself

Written August 30, 2023

Lights Out

She stays up playing past midnight
Lights out, little one, time for sleep
Tucked in her little coffin tight
Feeling the silent spiders creep

Bedtime stories of hell and pain
Cuddling her skeletal dolls
She drifts away in heartless rain
Eternal dreams of grim nightfall

Written July 12, 2023

Another Calling

When midnight calls for your breath
You wake from a dreamless day
In symphony of phantom
Dreary hope that you will stay
Whispering secrets of death
A spiderweb of shadows
Sighing dismal warmth away...

Written July 6, 2023

Twilight Clouds

A girl parts ways with the empty crowds
Wandering into the sinking skies
Her reflection in grim twilight clouds
Fading to black, she keeps her goodbyes

Written June 2, 2023

Crooked Piety

Deep as their skin, crooked piety dwells
Lies from within, contradictions tangled

Force us to weep, however many hells
It takes to keep us in chains this painful

Burn her at the stake, do as the saint told
Even if it's fake, buy what the priest sells

As fire blazes, she loses faint hold
Thinking in hazes, thoughts trapped in a cell

They ever feign that it's evil they quell
Tattered remains of another hanged soul

Written May 22, 2023

Falling Hailstones

We enter this intemporal space
Into guided mystery, silence
We fall like hailstones into place
Into the outlines of our shadows
Somewhere here we’ll find the eldest door
A room of black, a pulse of nothing
To coalesce, the cold bitterness
These empty hearts for it to contain

Written April 18, 2023

Dim Ghost

An awful stare up to the black blotted sky
Silently swarming unkindness of ravens
The flaps of their wings freezing the midnight air

Deep notes resurrect from the bleak underworld
And chill her soul, singing through the dismal haze...
Melodic, frightful frost keeps her a dim ghost.

Written April 13, 2023

Silent Shroud

The crescent moon shines its pale gloom
Through the grey obscuring clouds
Against twisted leafless shackles
Casting a spell of ghosts below
They sink out of the sky like snow
They spread and haunt and cackle
Until they are a silent shroud
Darkening the realm in which they loom

Written March 28, 2023

The sky is stuck in a ghostly grey
An endless dream between night and day
Where faces blur, memories decay
And all reality fades away

Written January 27, 2023

Sneaking along the moonlit path

In distant shadows where no one speaks
Moonlight guides me to a darkened path
Past trees and grass and buildings I sneak
In hopes of finding delightful wrath

But at the end there sits a black cat
Who studies me with a careful gaze
And before I can strike up a chat
They stalk back into the midnight haze

Written August 5th, 2022

Miserable Midnight

From the orbit of a shattered skull
Comes a ghost, born into undying death
Into the black dreams of the fading world
They swim through the indigo fog
Like the unawoken abyss from below
This lowly cloud of haunting
It murmurs its forgotten secrets
That paint deep shadows with blood
Into their mind, marred with fantasy
Sinking in this miserable midnight

Written July 14th, 2022

Distant Realm

Faraway plains lay still in a distant realm
Between forgotten worlds and lost epochs
Its sky abandoned, a dark grey emotion
Enclosing blood ferns and desolate fields
Laden with towering, black pyramids
Rotating in stop motion, blinking sheen
The only sound a low flute's airy hum
Crystal doors seal carved, lifeless caverns
Lined with dust-ridden shelves full of ancient tomes
Their deathly runes hidden from fathoming minds
Lest hollow sand sink into oblivion
Frozen gaps melt and conjoin broken dreams
Morose winds wither as their secret lands dim
Memories untwine for their last frightful birth

Written June 5th, 2022

Black Aura

Under the moon of ice I peel off my skin
I break off my bones, rip out my organs
Leaving a lake of blood upon their earth
Until I'm left as myself, a black aura
A bleak melody, an abyssal emotion
A wandering phantom, forsaking flesh
Leaving bricks of dust to their order
I rise above space to the hidden eclipse
Joining dusk, shadow, umbral sorrow
Transcending into the void of dreams
The only life that was ever worth living

Written May 28th, 2022


Alone in the mist
Pulsing thick like waves
Rock rests still and hushed
Deep in shafts of caves
Darkness singing lush
And void to assist
Air like powder blush
Creating all bliss
That which the earth craves

Written May 15th, 2022


Thumping against grey walls
Broken legs of wooden chairs
The light scent of mold and swollen dust
Scattered like droplets of moonkissed rain
Empty mind surveys the fracture
Cracked and split with veins growing through
Twisted, clotted, ripped apart
Thoughts forced into the messy cuts
Memories shattering, emotions breaking
The hollow hole with liquid running stiff

Written May 11th, 2022


The dirt and the trees murmur
Under the crash of the wave of rain
Invisible against empty space

Beside roads silent for generations
Orange street lamps spotlight puddles
They stare and blink and watch

The void between each drop
Empty with the absence of nothing
Waiting for silence to drain

Written April 4th, 2022


Cradled between calm mountains
The layers of space dividing sound and sight
White thread wrapped around the rocks
Held up by the printless ice below

A wisp, following the breeze
Circling opaque, clear islands
On which the chill sets dearly
Blessing the air with its wish

Written March 21st, 2022

The mist that seeped into our minds long, long ago
Thoughts cascading peacefully to the black lake
Unseen, unknown, but felt all the same
We've been sleeping for so long it no longer matters
If our world is a speck of dust bleeding out
Or a flower field, each petal another seed
Stems reaching out like fleshless arms to the stars
To the dots blinking out into the dark as we fall

Written September 16th, 2021

To be atop a snow-covered mountain
The northern lights like glass sheets, reflecting the faraway sparkles
Glinting down, tendrils of care
Broad strokes of indigo, rivers and homes
Soft wind whispers without words
Silent snow caresses without fingers
And eyes close without worries

Written July 13th, 2021

From the center of the biggest star
A lone photon forces its way free
Flies silently forever
To the edge of space where the ice grows
Without form, without color
A cold without temperature
Dark snow encircles me
And finally the absence of time
The shadows block the empty doorways

Written July 2nd, 2021

Moldy skull
Rolling aching takes its toll
Grin for the majesty and wonder
As my lifeline bursts asunder

New ends grow into space
Cast upon my broken face
Far above the human race
The bloodless crack with thunder

Empty minds with evening dew
Bound together, bleeding too
Endless lust for a soft rebirth
Dripping icy freezing mirth
Eternal vitality, gentle restart
Inevitable finality, end of all hearts

Written July 7th, 2020