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This page consists of screenshots that I took of my favorite parts/locations of the game NaissanceE. This is not meant to be a full review of the game.

NaissanceE is a (free!) game developed by Limasse Five and was released in 2014. I first played it in June of 2021. It is a game in which you travel through this mysterious, dark, and unsettling labyrinth of structures. It doesn't have a story and it doesn't really have interaction. You simply explore this vast world, slowly taking in the atmosphere, while doing a few puzzles on the way.

It's one of my favorite games and it had a profound artistic impact on me. I will say that there is platforming to the game and it can become quite frustrating at times. The game is not perfect, but if you can look past its flaws a bit, I very highly recommend this! ^_^

I like the uselessness of this part of the room. Why is it here? Why has it formed like this? It leads to nowhere.

I was in total awe the first time I saw the vastness of this place. Looking down, it's as if it goes on forever.

Places like this ledge are such beautiful places to be. It's there for what looks simply like construction purposes. But you can exist at that place and spend as much time there as you want, just existing. Knowing you were never meant to be there.

The cube room :DDDDD

You're in this room filled with doorways that lead straight into walls, and then you see this. A completely empty void.

This is my favorite liminal space. You walk out into the void, looking around, looking back, seeing if there is anything here at all. There is nothing. The darkness keeps stretching on, the walls keep stretching on, and the columns above the door keep stretching on. There is absolutely nothing for you here.

You expect to be walking into an innocuous closet, but instead you find a whole other dark section of the house.

I like this hallway that seems to be caving in around you, swallowing you.

Going through giant pipes, there are no lights made for you. You simply have to keep walking forward until you find some.

Deep, deep inside the massive pipes. So far away from where any other living being has been. Consumed by the enormity of the lifeless structures. A place you can be safe in your loneliness.

This dark hallway's ambience is very eerie.

One of my favorite locations, because it's suddenly bright here where it hasn't normally been before. This deep, yellow-orange hue contrasts beautifully with the cold green emanating from the square pits.

At the end of this place, you find a cliff, and you look up at what you can only imagine is the sky. Is it sunlight? How can you know?

You must decide.

The largeness of this room and the door give it quite a grand feeling that I enjoy.

The bridge across the canyon between metal mountains.

You hear lightning around you. The place is so big that it seems to have its own weather. Or maybe there is so much electricity that it's being discharged into the air around you.

The stairway.

Looking back as you begin to climb, you can see all of the pipes leading here for one reason or another.

You lose track of how long you've been walking up this staircase, listening to the beautiful, climactic music, not sure if you're walking up or down anymore, until you finally see a glimpse of light in the distance. You made it.

In one of the most lovely parts of the game, you get to see a music show in which you are surrounded by dancing objects. And then the black and white lights come out of the sand, circle around you, and begin dancing around each other.

After their performance, they fly off, never to be seen again.

Thanks for reading!

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