Welcome to my music page! As I am typing this, I don't have much content here, so like, I'm typing, you know, to put something here. Yeah.

I am one of those people that is like. Music is my life. The music I love is so important to me. When I find an album I connect with, it feels as if I have discovered a part of myself, rather than something external. I am very dramatic about this stuff, as you can see. So if you want self-indulgent ramblings about music you probably don't know AND don't care about, this is the place for you!

But also, now that I've got my chart available on here, it is my hope that one of you at least tries out a song or track that I have included. Am ALWAYS excited to share what I like, and by extension my passion, although the latter is a tendency that is usually favorable to withhold for the sake of the receiver's enjoyability, and my own humility. But fuck it this is my own website BITCH!!!

This layout is currently barren, but for me, it's better to just put content in first and worry over its presentation later, rather than agonizing at the lack of ideas for decoration prior to the existence of the things that need to be decorated in the first place.

Genres and shit

As for the whole topic of this page!! My music taste is probably changing and morphing as you are reading this, but as of typing, here is my big list of genres I particularly enjoy:

1. Ambient. More specifically, dark ambient, musique concrète, electroacoustic, experimental ambient. Tape music and field recordings included. Not new age. I love ambient music because of its capability to completely envelop me in specific atmospheres. Apart from all the familiar aspects of songwriting, it reaches outside the bounds and is free to explore any territory it pleases. So, in many of these releases I like, I tend to imagine myself in a physical place, and I highly enjoy the mood and emotions that ambience can bring me.

Examples: Shouting at the Ground by :zoviet*france:, Virgins by Tim Hecker, Bias by Giovanni Lami

2. Goth. Lean towards darkwave the most. After that is ethereal wave, then coldwave. I enjoy gothic rock as well, but to a bit of a lesser extent and in a different way. Not so much a fan of deathrock. I wasn't into this type of thing for a long time, but it was only a matter of time before I fell in love with it.

To sum up what I like about goth, it would be that it revels in the beauty of the darkness, which is a feeling that I find profound meaning in. I feel at one with the dark, and that is what goth is all about. The themes of darkness, death, blood, the cold, the supernatural, the magical, the mysterious, the BLACK... the dreary, melancholy, grim, sullen, and the gloomy.... the winter, the night, and the moon. These themes are represented in the lyrics that my personality consists of, and in the music, with haunting synths, brooding voices, deep bass, and of course, the guitars from straight out of the void, all reverberated as if being played in a spacious Gothic castle at dusk, fading moonlight shining through the shattered windows, painting everything in a bleak grey... yeah.

Examples: Shadows by Twin Tribes, Alabaster Chamber by Forever Grey, Twilight by Corpus Delicti

3. Post-rock. Lots of other things fit into this sort of category in my head... I don't have a good handle on the genre labels to be honest. Experimental rock, dream pop, ambient pop... Basically I like music that comes from rock and is more focused on timbre and atmosphere more than conventional song structure. I like when it's dreamy, or melancholy, or just experimental. This can encompass many different things but the focus for me is on the unexpected, the subtle layers. Between this and goth I also have things like shoegaze, and synthpop.

Examples: Low Birth Weight by Piano Magic, Summer Make Good by múm, The Dead Sea by Xela

4. Avant-garde music in general. There are many different albums I like that are just outside in some way or another. It could be "neo-psychadelia", "electronica", "folktronica" or "indietronica", or experimental blah blah blah. I like weird stuff. Actually weird. I want to hear something and not know how to react because I have nothing to compare it to. And then I want to listen to it ten more times and slowly fall in love with its intricacies and complete lack of desire to be marketable toward a wide audience.

Examples: Helium by Pram, The Lemon of Pink by The Books, Crone Music by Pauline Oliveros

5. Metal. Am pretty new to this and have barely listened to any of it, but I am making an effort. I feel that metal is similar to rock in that it is so piled up that it isn't even a "genre" anymore. Saying you listen to "metal" barely narrows it down. Back in high school, I used to listen to Korn, and I'm not embarrassed to admit that. But both myself and my taste have changed dramatically since then, and now what I want to get into specifically is gothic metal, black metal, and death metal, in that order. I enjoy the heaviness and aggression of things like black and death metal, and enjoy the themes of gothic metal. I think. Have got a few albums under the belt I do not wear now, but it's as if I've inched my foot forward not by one step, merely dragging some dirt beneath it, before the endless chasm in front of me, calling me to explore its deep, diseased, abyssal depths. Will certainly creep my way in there eventually.

Examples: Nightbreed of Macabria by Theatres des Vampires, Tarot by Æther Realm, Cantate of the Black Mass by Witchcult


So, I like to think that my music taste can be described as dark, depressive, melancholic, eerie, creepy, and alternative. Which... is pretty much how I like to think of myself as well.

And of course, duh, not everything I have ever liked falls within these categories. But this is sort of how I view my taste right now. I can tell you what I definitely don't listen to. Country music. If you like country music, you are probably extremely tired at hearing people express their distaste for it, but I must make it known that I hate that shit. I also don't really listen to dance music generally, or hip hop. I have nothing against hip hop in particular, but I confess that I am simply white and wasn't raised on it. In high school, I do actually remember trying to find hip hop that I would fancy, and I ended up trying some by a group called "Gravediggaz". AhhAHAhHAHAHAhaHAHAhHh.

Anyway. Oh! There's Christmas music. I would like to eradicate all Christmas music from reality. I completely despise it. Uhhh most things with an electronic beat, like, EDM, nope. Not all though! There is some of that type that I like. But a looot of it is annoying. Trap music? As far as I know, that's the type of music that spams 300 hi-hats every two seconds? Insufferable. The Beatles? I seriously don't care how influential they were, I dislike most of what I've heard. Pop music, almost certainly going to be a no. But I can appreciate pop music sometimes, if it's well-made.

I take music seriously and do make fun of myself for being sort of snobby, but eh, I just know what I like. And what I dislike. At the end of the night it's just my opinions and that's why it's here on my website and not anyone else's, because why would they care?