Sep 4 2023 - This year for me has mainly been finding more goth. Am now finally on the Lebanon Hanover phase. I tried listening to some of their stuff in the past, I remember, but I wasn't into it. Was too into Twin Tribes specifically at the time to have my mind open enough to enjoy other stuff. But now, The World is Getting Colder feels eerily close to Forever Grey, which is one of my favorite bands. Fucking love that band. The album has what I call that very specific feeling of gloom. I like the minimal darkness. Can definitely see it being one I throw on all the time and consistently enjoy. Will surely make my way through their discography.

Jul 10 2023 - Okay time to finally start typing here. First post! Right now am listening to Picture One by Asylum Party for the first time. I love it. Asylum Party made Borderline, which is one of my favorite albums, simply because I think it's wonderful music. Am feeling the same way about this release, Picture One, which is like a mini album, released a year earlier I think. There's something so effortlessly dreary about their music. Must soon listen to their last album, Mère, if these two are so lovely. Not sure exactly how to describe it. It's kind of subtle, as opposed to being dramatic. Yeah. Asylum Party's music feels like a quiet sadness, a listless melancholy.