My Stuffs

This is all the Emily stuff I've got!

Novels are all hardcover, comic collection isn't.

UPDATE JANUARY 25 2023: Also have now got one of the original graphic novellas.... and it's way, way cooler than I thought it would be. It's like a miniature version of the comics. Would love to get the rest of them in the future.

Also again, went to Hot Topic and there was this whole Emily the Strange section, omg.... definitely wasn't there last time I went. Rob has definitely been upping his game. So I bought this adorable skirt and, get this: it was only TEN DOLLARS. TEN DOLLARS FOR THIS SKIRT!!!

Asked an employee, was like... "There's no way this skirt is actually going for ten dollars right?" and they checked for me, and it was. (The actual tag price was like forty-five dollars.) Instantly snatched that. I think it's so cute with all of the little graphics, and it zips all the way off, which is cool. And it has POCKETS. Wicked.