Welcome to my Emily the Strange fan page~

Emily is a thirteen-year-old girl with odd, dark sensibilities. She and her posse of four black cats- Mystery, Miles, Neechee, and Sabbath- live their own way, away from the rest of society and people. Living in the night, rocking out, and being awesome and gloomy.

This fan page was inspired by the old official website (which is now gone thanks to web 2.0) and by the fact that Emily is my favorite character, and I want to show my adoration for her and her aesthetic. And hopefully meet some like-minded individuals.

These days, Emily doesn't have as strong of a fanbase anymore like she did in the 2000s, but it's still here and she's still here. I want to participate in her community since I didn't get the chance to back in the day. Was simply too young. I suppose this page is my way of trying to do that. Hope you like it.

Stay strange.