The Posse

Emily is cool, but she would be nothing without her four black cats . . . She needs them as much as they need her! Let's find out who they are!


Mystery is the oldest cat, the only female, and the leader of the posse. She is the cat Emily has had for the longest and is the one she is closest to. She may be old, but she can still get stuff done! Mystery has a star collar, one curly whisker, and is sometimes depicted with a star as her left eye.


Sabbath is the youngest cat in the posse. He is feisty and rebellious, even moreso than Emily! If something of Emily's is broken, it was probably Sabbath's doing. He will never back down from a fight! Sabbath has a rip in his left ear and a bent whisker.


Miles is the artist of the posse. You can always count on him to come up with a creative solution to any problem. Miles is also the fastest cat in town. He may be less outspoken than the rest of the kitties, but don't let that fool you. His mind is always brimming with creativity! Miles has an X over his right eye.


Neechee is the "thinker" of the posse. He welcomes darkness, enjoying solitude and everything creepy. He is a great lockpicker with his six-toed paws. Don't bother asking what's going on in his mind, because it would just confuse you! Neechee has white stripes on the end of his tail.