Who is Emily the Strange?

Emily Strange (yes, that's actually her name) is a thirteen-year-old girl who takes orders from no one but herself. Her favorite color is black and her favorite number is thirteen.

Emily is a scientist and an inventor. She's so smart that she can literally invent things that no other scientist would even conceive of. But she keeps them to herself and likes to use them for her own purposes.

Emily is nocturnal. She prefers to be wake at sunset and sleep at sunrise. She also sun-proofs her room in order to keep out all that annoying light.

Emily is a misanthrope. Instead of having human friends, she is friends with her four black cats, and she is closer to them than she could ever be with any people.

Emily is an artist. She loves music, plays her electric guitar, writes poems, makes movies (with her ThoughtCorder), paints, and draws.

Emily is a prankster. She loves causing mischief, and if someone crosses her, she will get her revenge!

Above all, Emily is strange!