3. I want to decorate

April 11, 2022 21:54

Mood: Pretty good

Listening to: A person telling me how to make a cute room

I have my own apartment. I'm not the one who pays for it,,,, of course I would if I had the money. What I would also do if I had the money is make my place look like what I want it to.

It was only very recently I started really getting things that I really wanted. Mainly cute clothing. But there are soooooooo many cute things I want. There are so many ways I want to decorate my rooms!!

First of all, I'd have to buy the stuff. Of course, I need enough money to pay for this place first, and then I need money to pay for like, all the other bills like internet, and then I also need money to eat food. I don't know how I'll ever get even there. But then I'd need EVEN MORE MONEY to get my place lookin all cute!!! So trash. >:(

Second of all, I have so much stuff that I don't even want. Just things left over from my childhood or random gifts that I've never used, things like that. Or just garbage. I don't know what to do with all of it? Of course I could throw some stuff away but, there are also a lot of things that could still be used, and I just haven't been using them. Like books and all. That would be a hassle to figure out. I would need to get a lot of stuff out of here for space.

Then third of all there are a lot of things that I do use, but I would want to replace. Like my computer, game consoles, bed, all my furniture, and so on. Because they're not cute!! I want pink ones.

Fourth and last of all, none of that is enough. I need my floors to be pink. My walls to be pink. In an apartment, I don't think I'm allowed to do that at all xD

So! Not that I'm saying I deserve all of this, but you know, if I just had the money and space to use, this is something I would absolutely love to do. I've never been able to decorate how I want. I've never truly felt I had a place to call my own. That's one reason having a website is so special to me. I can finally decorate something exactly how I want to.

List of things I would like: Anime posters. Plushies. Anime figures. Shelves to display things on. STICKERS! TONS AND TONS OF STICKERS! Sanrio everywhere! Especially Kuromi! Cool purple lights. Pink game consoles. More cute clothes. A canopy for my bed. Little cute toys. Kitties. Also spooky things like skulls and bats and such. I want merch from Hatsune Miku, Sanrio, Lucky Star, Dragon Maid, Death Note, Pokémon. Gah!!!! > n < I want pins/buttons to put on stuff as well!

I think if I had a space that I actually liked the look of, I would probably care more about actually keeping it clean and making it look good, because right now, I feel like it'll look like shit regardless. Oh well. Just another thing I need to find money for. Got to gradually use the money I have for things I want. And then hopefully someday this will be a reality.