29. Beginning the worst month

August 1, 2023 20:08

Mood: Dreadful, good and bad

Listening to: Low Birth Weight, to relax

August. The worst fucking month of the year. Summer is the worst season, duh, it's the hottest. June is mostly comprised of spring and September contains the day in which autumn begins, so they're better. July and August are the worst. But Idk, at least July contains a couple birthdays of people I know? August is nothing but sunlight and warmth. I feel even more languid than I usually do.

Uuummmmmm. Well, I guess in terms of things I have been into, the newest thing is that I have entered my Touhou arc. This was on July 23rd, and it was directly because I heard about r/place. The Touhou community animated the entirety of the music video for the song Bad Apple on r/place, without using any bots. I instantly gained a huge respect for Touhou fans, and decided to finally learn more about this thing that's been present in internet culture for so long, and to participate in the rest of their goals for r/place, which I did.

Touhou games are fucking hard!! I haven't been able to beat one yet while getting a good ending. But now I know many characters: Reimu, Marisa, Rumia, Cirno (it's pronounced チルノ by the way), Koakuma, Daiyousei, Hong Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya, Remilia, Flandre, Letty Whiterock I think her name is?, Alice, Chen, the Prismrivers, Youmu, and Yuyuko. I also know of Medicine Melancholy, because her name and design stood out to me. This is only a small portion of the characters, there are so many..... but this is a good start. My favorite is Rumia, because she's a cute little girl who uses magic to constantly coat herself in darkness and eats people.

Have not been as into music as I was in May and June, but I've still been listening to some stuff! Found a very intriguing and long album called uhhhh. Yoghurt Snake in the Dessert, by Fyr. Its inaccessibility is alluring. All of Asylum Party's stuff is good. Relistened to Serpentine Gallery after many many years, and I liked it much more now that my taste has changed. And listened to another Grey Gallows album, Shades, and this one is easily my favorite. Quite raw darkwave. But still been obsessed with Sweet Heart Dealing by Scarling., and the song Vivica from Jack Off Jill.

As for anime, Smile Precure is done, and that is easily one of my favorite anime! Cyber Team in Akihabara was bad, and Idol Project was very enjoyable. Now I'm watching Sailor Moon R, and I was informed by my girlfriend that the first section of this season is all filler content. Makes sense, because it's not good. Hopefully it improves! Also watching a big classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's very different from what I usually watch, but being into Peni Parker again made me especially interested. It's great so far.

Speaking of that, Across the Spider-Verse is the best movie I have ever seen with no contest whatsoever. After watching, I learned that there was a Peni Parker comic made a whole year ago!! Called Peni Parker after school! I read all of that. It was good. Also found a comic called Gloomy the Living Doll, and read all of that! Loved that! Then found out about this new character named Necroko, and read her origin comic as well! Love that character! And now I am in the middle of reading a manga called Menhera-chan Yami Kawaii, which is about magical girls that slit their wrists. Really liking that. I like a lot of things...

I have many art influences. Recently I decided to give myself the goal of filling my sketchbook by the end of the year. It has made me draw a bit more, but I'd still like to do it more casually. It is often fun to make self-indulgent doodles. Still writing poetry as well! Always doing that... as well as a bit of other writing. I feel bad consuming so much content without directly paying the creators, so I'm trying to contribute little things of my own as well, and maybe others will like them. Eventually I would like to be confident enough with my work to try to publish it in some form or way, and make a living. But it feels very far into the future.

If you can't tell yet, I like cute girls! Am only interested in Touhou because all of the characters are cute girls, and as a bonus, I get to imagine them all kissing each other. Well, that's not the only reason, but I'm saying if the characters weren't cute girls, all the other things probably wouldn't be enough to convince me to get into it.

Oh yeah, I also began watching a tertiary anime, Keijo!!!!!!!! which I am watching because I love big tits and ass. No other reason.

Whatever that's it. Boring ass update but that's the media I've been into. I'm bored so I'm going to stop typing. Later bitches.