27. Service Helly

June 27, 2023 08:34

Mood: Sexual

Listening to: Pale Awakening by The Frozen Autumn

Today is sort of notable because I did something I haven't done before. Actually, multiple things:

1) Spent more than two seconds looking at mail

2) Used said mail for entertainment purposes.

I am dumbfounded that there are still humans who, in this year, are printing these types of advertisements on paper, and putting them into everyone's mailboxes. What a tremendous waste of resources. You, reading this. Do you know anyone who has ever looked at one of those ads and been affected so much as to, like, go out and buy something they saw? I am DYING to know.

...Did I sit down and become enraptured by the slogans, asterisks, the word FREE in all caps, pictures of food made to look as ideal as possible but still look like shit, too-smiley people in generic brown clothing, miniscule letters, and proselytization?

Shockingly, no. Instead I delighted in cutting out words and phrases like "godish", "service deli", and "coffee mate", and changing them into things like "gothish", "service helly", and "coffee cremate" while taping them into my notebook. Hehehehe.

This is a small attempt to foster my creativity and make something out of my hatred. It is very small, but it is the idea that counts, and I want to be a person that is more often in the state of mind of: how can I make this into art? How can I make this thing my own? Very important.

Was looking in the mail because I was expecting to get a thing in the box about my form being sent in, about changing my legal name and sex, which I have received. Cool. Will have to see about actually changing it on everything that people will look at.

Think I will go to my library soon. Which is a big deal for me because they are not open at night, and it is fucking sunny and hot out lately, and I do not have sunscreen yet, and I have to take a bus. Would like to print out some stuff to put on my walls, because they are nowhere near well-customized. And you know, read books. Yeah. I may do this or may not. Maybe I'll just try it to see.

Summer please move along quickly FUCK it hasn't even been a week of this yet, UUUUGHHHHHHHHHH