22. Forever Grey, my love

April 11, 2023 06:28

Mood: Thoughtful

Listening to: Departed by Forever Grey

Hey y'all. Have been meaning to update this for a little while but kept making excuses and doing other things. Have so many interests and hobbies that it's often difficult to decide which way to use my time. But we are here now, so time to type on my keyboard.

As for anime, I have just started watching Star Twinkle Precure! Fully done with Cardcaptor Sakura. Didn't love it. Loved the second season, episodes 36-46. Overall, it was still good. But there was much missed potential, in my opinion. A lot of episodes were redundant, or simply weren't interesting. But, we're finally back to Precure! ^-^

Also nearly finished watching the short anime Di Gi Charat. Not certain about what we will watch after that, could be one of a few things. I love Di Gi Charat. It's ridiculously stupid, silly, surreal comedy that's cute, hilarious, and entertaining.

My current obsession is with goth music, and the goth subculture. I've been trying to absorb more and more information and sounds from out of the web. Really trying to get into my head everything that goth is and isn't. I would like to at least have a good idea of it, and educate myself. Still feel like we barely know anything, but wanna know enough to where I can say that I know what goth is all about.

What the goth subculture is about: at its core, goth music, which is comprised of goth rock, deathrock, coldwave, darkwave, and ethereal wave. It is all post-punk. One must listen to and appreciate this music to some extent in order to be considered goth. There is a ton of other facets of the subculture, and this is the stuff I'd like to learn more about.

As for which music I've been listening to, mainly it's Forever Grey. I am FUCKING OBSESSED WITH THIS BAND. Their music is so perfect and, as I put it to my girlfriend, it sounds so delightfully hopeless. It's minimal, dreary, dismal, and gloomy. Both the music and lyrics would reach the depths of my soul, if I had one. They affect me deeply anyway.

Other than that, been slowly getting into many different albums, including Twilight by Corpus Delicti, Careless by Drab Majesty, First And Last And Always by The Sisters of Mercy, and etazhi by Molchat Doma. Right now I think darkwave is my thing, but am not entirely sure because I'm not great at differentiating the subgenres. Have really got to listen to a lot more.

I have a lot of complicated and detailed and interweaving thoughts about all of this shit and I don't know how or what to include. Basically it's a lot of evaluation of my personality and the sort of entity I want to exist as. At the end of the night, I think I'll stop worrying about whether I should call myself goth or not at this point. Am at least a baby bat. Not sure if it will last my whole life or not, but at least right now, I feel pretty at home.

Sun is coming up, it's getting warm, bleh, I'm tired............ will type more later