February 3, 2023 17:22

Mood: Sillyyyy

Listening to: Faith by The Cure

Hey y'all. January was meant to be my most awesomest month. And I think it pretty much was.

Finished Heartcatch Precure on the eleventh, and it's my favorite anime I've ever seen. So that was great. Then I started on Cardcaptor Sakura, which I am one episode away from being halfway done with. Don't like it nearly as much, but am still enjoying it to some extent, and am glad am able to say we have watched it.

Girlfriend was over for my birthday, and we went to Hot Topic, where I got a few things (you can see my skirt on my Emily the Strange page!!). And we went to a Japanese bookstore, where she bought me Sailor Moon manga. Then we went out for ramen as always. We also had fun watching anime! That was a great time :)

Have built up a collection of awesome stuff, and I cleared out a shelf on my TV stand that used to have shitty DVDs and games in order to store my books and things:

Isn't that sick???? I feel so cool. Would like to slowly expand my book, DVD, and also CD collections over time.

I was also gifted Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+, a Vocaloid rhythm game on Steam. It's pretty fun! As of right now I've gotten perfect on 2 or 3 songs on extreme difficulty.

Oh yeah! Also bought a ticket to go see The Birthday Massacre!!! It's actually a concert for a band called Lacuna Coil, and TBM is supporting, but I really don't care. Even if I only get to see them play one song, I will be able to say I've seen The Birthday Massacre live. FINALLY. They've been my favorite band for fuckin' years.

So yeah, stillll on that magical girl shit, and don't see myself stopping soon. But I also finally finished watching Yuru Camp (season 1). Had that anime paused for a long while. Also watched a 3 episode OVA series called Re: Cutie Honey, which was shown to me by my girlfriend. It's really good, you should watch it. Also got lots of boobs.

As for the other anime we are currently watching, that would be nothing other than Azumanga Daioh. This anime is brilliant. It's so cute and hilarious. It has inspired me to become part of the Azumanga shitposting community, and so I rebranded my YouTube channel and have uploaded a few silly videos on there. (My channel is currently linked on my about me page!!!!)

My life pretty much revolves around anime at this point and I am not sad about it. I must earn the title of otaku.

It's the middle of winter up here in the northern hemisphere of the planet, and gosh does it feel nice. What I really need though, is to find some more cool music. Have been listening to a tiny bit of new stuff lately, but it hasn't been doing much for me. I've got to branch out more.

Speaking of music, would really like to get onto that music page on my website. The thing is I'm just not very into music currently, so I feel like some of the passion may be lost on it if I did it now rather than at a point which I was. And I don't particularly enjoy redesigning pages.

Buuuut yeah should probably get on that soon, think of a layout and stuff. Music is a pretty big part of who I am, so I think it would be beneficial if we had a place here to showcase my favorite stuff, especially since a lot of it is pretty experimental and unpopular. Would like to share it with people so maybe they might also check it out.

Yyyyeeaaahhh that's pretty much the haps. Little dumb update. Shrug. We'll type more later probably!