January 7, 2023 02:29

Mood: Excited

Listening to: Reverse Rainbow by sunzriver

Woooo yeahhhh new yearrr yeppp. Anyway, here's some stuff I got for present day!

First, I got these cool lights I wanted for a while:

They are really cool!!! They are sticky so we stuck them onto the wall, but they fell down, so we had to put some tape instead, which was fine. Some parts droop down, but as long it stays up.

It comes with a remote that you can use to change to color of the lights, and even the brightness. So rad. I also got other lights, that are shaped like a spider web:

Even came with a little spider friend to put on. Hehe

Also got three volumes of Creepy Cat:

I do not apologize for the color filter of the photo. That is how my apartment looks now. Am always bathed in color.

Got some other things but that's not important! Love my new decorations.

As for anime! Am currently on episode 45 of Heartcatch Precure. Only five episodes left! I slowed down on watching a little bit lately, but am keeping my goal of watching one episode of anime a day. Therefore, am still going strong on that magical girl shit!!! >w<

The goal is to finish the anime before my birthday comes, which just means I have to watch one episode every day from now on! And then I will begin watching...... Cardcaptor Sakura!!!!! Which I am so excited for! :D

On my birthday I've got plans. My father wants to take me somewhere to eat, so I will get free food! And then my girlfriend is coming over, so I will get to see her too, which will be really lovely :)

Then she will take me for ramen as always, because she is just lovely herself, and I will spend my Hot Topic gift card money! And we're gonna watch anime together!!! Yay! This month has been wicked so far and I think the rest of it will be too!

Oh yeah, my website redesign. So this is my first diary entry since I redesigned my homepage from scratch, and made it look three million times better. My design philosophy has changed since the last design, and I never liked it anyway.

These nights, I like to just have as much color and moving images and STUFF going on as possible. It looks incredibly busy and the more people that would call it an eyesore, the better. Talk about eye candy!

So I began the year at midnight watching the Capirinha funny Azumanga Daioh meme video. Now I have done website work that I am proud of, and am going to finish an anime I love and start a new one I am excited for, get free food, see girlfriend, just, am in a happy state right now. It's also so pleasantly cold and rainy outside all the time. I love January.

And to top it off, I've got a new obsession: VOCALOID.

I feel that this is the most predictable thing I could have gotten into but I don't care. I was introduced to vocaloid around the same time I was introduced to anime, and I was never the same after. Liked it back then, was always a thing that I liked, but never really got into fully as a hobby.... just like anime.

Why do I like Vocaloid? It's because it sounds cute and the characters themselves are also cute!!! I LOVE HATSUNE MIKU! I also like Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len! I've known who they are for so long, and liked vocaloid so long..... so I don't know why it has taken me this long to really learn about Vocaloid and get into it.

I am continuing to discover and rediscover parts of myself, and with each new thing, it feels like I am becoming a more complete person.... accepting everything I love without shame. The things I love become part of me, form my identity, and therefore I love myself more and more... I don't know if that's bad, but it makes me happy, so am going with it for now.

And how could anyone dislike Hatsune Miku? She is an icon that to me represents purity, love, fun, happiness, beauty, creativity, and cuteness. She is.... SHE'S MIKU-CHAN! I LOVE HER!

Am just starting to learn more Vocaloid songs. But at this stage I think my favorites are Reverse Rainbow (that one particularly), Packaged, LOL (lots of laugh), Triple Baka, Light Song, Hand in Hand, Just Be Friends, Luka Luka Night Fever, Fake or Fate, aaaaaaa I love so many of them > . < I really like the ones that are funny or cute or beautiful! Or a mixture of those!!

Oh, and I know that there are more vocaloids out there, like IA, Gumi, Meiko, and Kaito, among others, and I'll learn about them over time! Maybe the ones I really like will change. And there are way more songs out there too, just give me time x _ x hehe X3c

I think it would be so so fun to go to one of those vocaloid concerts with the holograms and wave my glowy stick around in the air omggg I'd probably cryyy

I think I pretty much just try to be the type of girl that lives as if she's an otaku in like, 2012. Or earlier. Better late than never.

Thanks for reading my silly diary, JA NEEEE TOMODACHIS!!! HEHE