17. Purikyua! Open mai haato!~

December 19, 2022 08:31

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Hey all! We've been (comparatively) up to a lot lately, so here's some ramblings about my life.

1. Family visit

So my younger brother told me he wanted to hang out. Thing is, he actually lives in a different state than me, and neither of us have a car. If you know anything about the United States, you know that it becomes a lot harder to hang out with someone that isn't right next to you without a car.

So instead, I decided to take the bus. Which is fine, I've been on the bus before. But I've never been on it to a different state... which means I was worried that they might have different fare rules, and it was going to take a lot longer than I was used to. Specifically, three hours there, and three hours back. And I was going to take a train that I didn't quite know how to use either.

Aaaaand I was going to have to do it all right in the middle of the daytime, which if you know anything about me, that's my version of the middle of the night. And it's almost winter, which means it's cold. And that's fine, I like the cold, but it becomes annoying when it makes my hands unable to function. -_-

But, we got it done. Took the bus at noon and got there after a few hours. Drew this on the bus:

(This is pretty much what all my original artwork consists of right now)

So my brother and I just hung out there for a while, played a small bit of Pokémon, watched a small bit of anime, and he cooked me some food which was pretty okay. Then I took the bus back.

That was hella stressful. Was so tired, and had to make so many bus tranfers. Was confused about the train, ended up missing it, had to take another route. Had been awake for over twenty-four hours straight when we finally got back home to sleep.

Overall.... that was not worth it. It was cool to see family but yikes that was a hassle >.<

2. Anime

Am still TOTALLY into anime right now so hard. Finished the first season of Sailor Moon on the fifteenth. I love Sailor Moon!! :D Am definitely planning on moving on to subsequent seasons at some point later on.

Right now, I am currently watching Heartcatch PreCure and.... oh my gosh.

This anime is the CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN and I love it so much. Am currently on episode 10.

I know realistically that we are not going to be as into magical girl anime as we are right now in the future, probably soon in the future, but.... oh well right now I am so obsessed with magical girls. I'm trying to will it into existence, to not move on to another hobby and forget about this one. It is my GOAL at this point to be able to call myself a fan of this genre, a fan of anime. An otaku. I want this to be a part of my personality X3

Now this might sound lame, but it's actually not, it's awesome: These magical girl anime are actually encouraging me to do more with my life. We do not do a whole lot. The few things we do, well, we probably don't do them as much as we should.

Like this website, for instance. Yea we made a new anime page, and I love how it looks, but we have been planning a redesign for this website's home page since then and we can barely be bothered to get started brainstorming.

Poetry, actually haven't written in months, which I feel pretty guilty about. Maybe I should keep writing even if it's not as good as what we made before. And art, I just make stupid doodles sometimes, or copy other artwork (which is fun, and I'm not plagiarizing or anything, but it doesn't really make me improve as an artist or person).

Basically I'm a lazy pile of eggs, but I see these adorable feminine girls in anime fight even though it's hard and continue to strive for their dreams and goals, protecting others and caring about each other..... and that makes me emotional and teary and it makes me want to be like them.


So even just in little ways, like bathing more often and making myself and my home smell good, finally taking out my recycling that I usually just leave there, and reminding myself what I want out of life and thinking of how to get there. It really isn't much. But it's better than nothing and I deserve to feel proud of that. No one can take that away from me.

Have come a long way in my life and figuring out who I am, but am realizing that I still have so much more to go. Am still so young and clueless about so many things. I hope years down the line I think of how far I have come from this point today.

Oh and about making myself smell good, in Heartcatch PreCure, their transformation items are literally perfume bottles, and they spray perfume on themselves to transform and it's. Just the cutest most precious thing ever UGHHHH it's so girly and makes me so so happy!~ ^-^

Right now the plan is to watch several magical girl anime after this one. Another thing is that I'm trying not to burn myself out on this interest, because the way I work is a lot of the time I will have a hobby, spend all my time on it, and then lose interest and move on to another thing. I DON'T LIKE THAT I AM LIKE THIS. I want to continue watching anime. So right now the goal for the forseeable future is to watch at least one episode of anime a day.

But am also limiting my consumption so that hopefully I don't COMPLETELY burn out. So at the moment, am limiting to three episodes a day. Which might sound like a lot but I am honestly holding myself back.

Heartcatch PreCure in particular is bringing out such a childlike happiness from within me. Like my inner little girl is coming out and making me feel soooooo girly and cute and feminine and that makes me SO happy that I am able to feel that way, without worrying about what anyone else would think! :)

Mmmmm suppose that's about it. That was a fucking ramble and a half but hope you enjoyed it and/or got something out of it. Have a beautiful night cuties!