December 4, 2022 02:10

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Listening to: Sailor Moon theme in my head on repeat


HEWWO!!!!! X3

Konnichiwa fellow otakus!!! Since I have written last, I haven't done much but watch anime.

Finished watching the last season of Galaxy Angel on November 21, then began watching Tokyo Mew Mew. I finished that on November 30. Then on December 1, I began watching Sailor Moon, and that's where I'm at right now. (Currently on episode 13.)

As for Galaxy Angel, I really enjoyed that anime a whole lot. So much that I made a whole web page for it before I was even finished, which you can go check out right now! (Unless it's gone for some reason by the time you're reading this, in which case I hope you can find an archived version with this address: https://kawaiinightmare.neocities.org/pages/galaxyangel.html)

Like I said last time, I really enjoyed the art style of Galaxy Angel. So I wanted to get into more older anime. Which is one reason I decided to watch Tokyo Mew Mew, which started airing in 2002. I also enjoyed this anime. Am not going to go into review types of things sorry....

But as I was watching that, I started really wanting to watch other mahou shoujo anime! I already mentioned that I wanted to watch Sailor Moon, and now I am, and I am loving it. Definitely have plans for what I am going to watch next...

Would like to go into more detail, but I don't want to put too much here because my website goal right now is to completely redesign my anime page. I'm not always updating this site, and I can be pretty slow, but when I do want to do something, and I have an idea, I do it. Just need to come up with a better design for it... hopefully I'll get some ideas soon, so I can make progress!

And then when I do, I want to go into a lot more detail about my thoughts about certain anime and stuff. (But not too much because at a certain point no one really cares to read allll that text.)

Thanksgiving is a lame ass holiday, but my father still somehow wants to see me, so I came over and had dinner. It was pretty chill.

Then he asked me what I want for Christmas! Which is an even lamer holiday. Seriously, I hate Christmas. I hate the word, hate the look, hate the decorations, hate the mood, and HATE the fucking "music".

......But I do like getting stuff. So I made an Amazon list, like last year, and I'm gonna be getting some things from it :3c so when I do I'll probably write here what I got!

Asked for lots of things, including:

That should be pretty sick.

Oh yeah! Also trying to get a little bit more into 2000s like, "weebcore" or whatever you want to call it. You know, like... Lucky Star, nightcore, Hatsune Miku, ^_^, I'm into that shit as well. There are a lot of things about it that I identify with.

Also doodling a bit more.... art is really hard, but it's fun when I'm not caring about getting better and making really stupid doodles. Don't know if I'll ever have the patience or work ethic to actually improve and make good quality drawings, but, I can at least make poor quality silly ones.

That's about it for the update, thanks for reading ^~^