15. Never mess with us otakus!!! :3

November 11, 2022 22:20

Mood: Calm

Listening to: The Museum of Imaginary Animals by Pram

Greetings, humans... woke up not too long ago, and it's always nice to awake in the darkness.

Halloween went very well. My girlfriend (who runs Rampancy) and I listened to 9 goth albums. Was dancing for over an hour at one point, and damn that was fun :). We watched Corpse Bride for the first time, and she showed me the film Beetlejuice. Then we played a spooky game called Sanguine Sanctum.

Enjoyed Corpse Bride :) especially the aesthetic!! The story was silly and didn't make sense, but that's fine. Enjoyed the visuals more. Very grey and creepy a lot of the time.

Beetlejuice, not so much. Didn't like that one. Didn't really find it funny either. But I did like the one gothic type of character.

Sanguine Sanctum is a sick game. Instantly one of my favorites. It's described as having a Play Station sort of aesthetic. It's weird and creepy, great stuff.

Another night, we watched Ghost in the Shell, which I was thought was very, very good. It's quite complicated. Don't think I would have liked it very much as a younger entity.

So going off of that, I had the urge to show my girlfriend an anime I liked in middle school and rewatch it with her. Galaxy Angel!

This not very well-known or popular (at least in the United Shits, to my knowledge) anime began airing in 2001. It's a ridiculous and silly comedy series. I originally watched it in 2012 I think. And now a decade later, am watching it again. We watched half of the first of four seasons, and I continued on my own and am now on season 3.

Love the show's art style, and it got me interested in older anime styles. So now am interested in watching some other cute older anime, like Tokyo Mew Mew, and Sailor Moon. Not sure if I will end up watching those or not.

So yep that's what I've been doing. .........yeah this hasn't been very interesting but Idk I just wanted to write a diary entry because my current interests are shifting a bit right now.

Bye dummies - w -