14. Been gaming for a couple months

October 6, 2022 22:58

Mood: Gloomy (in a good way)

Listening to: Queen Of Hearts by The Birthday Massacre

Hooooooookay, hello there. It has been a couple of months since we've written here.

Mostly, I've been playing Guild Wars 2, which is an MMORPG. Yeah that's right, I'm a gamer, too. Have had a lot of fun with that and made a lot of progress. Honestly, that's pretty much what I've been doing for the past two months. Mostly.

But I've sort of slowed down now. Not logging on every single day like before. Still want to keep playing, but it's no longer a total obsession.

It's October! FINALLY it's autumn, and the dreaded sun is receding more and more. Darkness is settling in earlier, and fading away later. It's beautiful. There have been some rainy nights, but not enough. It's not super hot anymore. Finally. And it's the spooky month: the time where more people than usual are on my wavelength, which feels nice. Humans make great art this time of year.

I've got Halloween plans~ hopefully my girlfriend will be over. Regardless, I'm going to dress up. Not in a costume, but just go all out: paint my nails black, paint my lips black, put on all my black clothes, lace, fish nets, accessories~

Then I'm going to watch Corpse Bride, which is a Tim Burton film I haven't seen. I think I will like it. Might put on some others too, depending on how I'm feeling.

Putting on all that goth music and vibing in the darkness. I'm playing it loud, I don't care. And then, I'm going to eat candy and other snacks. Hell yeah.

We're not there yet, but any time of year is appropriate for spooky things. So what to do? Well, I have been trying to find more things that are my aesthetic, and I am having trouble. Pastel goth is definitely a very, very niche style, and it's so hard to find media that's like that.

Have read a little bit of Blame!, which is a manga. Am pretty sure the developers of NaissanceE used that as inspiration for the game. The similarities are very apparent. (Check out my NaissanceE page if you haven't!) It follows a dude traversing this absolutely massive, and I mean MASSIVE structure. As in, it could be the entire universe for all they know. The architecture is all nonsensical and very, very detailed. He has some sort of goal, but it's very mysterious.

It's a cool manga, but I have very mixed feelings about it. On one paw, the art is absolutely beautiful, and the environments are stunning. On the other paw, the story hasn't gripped me at all, and events seem to randomly happen and don't make sense.

Also watched an anime film tonight called Angel's Egg, or Tenshi no Tamago. Had similar feelings about that honestly, where the art, environments, animation, and music are all gorgeous. But, the story didn't really seem to make any sense, and it's unclear as to why any event that happens does. (And it has a lot of religious symbolism that isn't really my thing either.)

Other than that, been listening to good music too. I won't go into detail about any albums here. If I want to, it'll be on the music blog. If I finally become not lazy enough to actually write entries for it. Best ones recently have been Bias by Giovanni Lami, Wiertnd by Amhain, and Fluid by Omit. Really interesting, at least, but in my opinion great, experimental ambient stuff. Some other ones we've got to listen to as well.

As for website updates... would like to write some music blog stuff. Not sure if I will right now or not. And would like to finish TBM page. There are other things I should get around to, like creating the Pokémon page and you know, redesigning my whole layout, but ehhhhh. Haven't been feeling it recently. Haven't been feeling the poetry much either. Not because I don't want to write anymore! Just wrote out what I wanted to at the time, and now I need to find some more feelings to channel or something.

Right now what I want is that spooky shit.... I want to feel the gloom, the ghosts and ghouls that came out in my best nightmares. That kind of thing.

And with that, have a beautiful night~