12. The Cure to my summer yellows

July 27, 2022 19:47

Mood: Energyless

Listening to: The Cure

Yo. This evening, we will cover new stuff as well as some stuff we didn't get to in the last one.

First: finished Serenity Rose a few days ago. This web comic is so good. It's three whole volumes, but they are all great in their own different ways, and all combine so well. It doesn't feel fractured, or disconnected, or anything. It's just a great, great story, with GREAT characters. My favorite things about the comics have to be the characters of Sera, Tess, and Vicious Whisper (or V, as her friends call her). There's also a bonus comic just with V, and it's such a treat. Couldn't stop reading.

Second: Something we didn't say in the last one is that we're watching Ruby Gloom. It's a Canadian kids' cartoon made back in, of course, the 2000s. Found it probably through looking through things on Twitter, like, people have it in common with Emily the Strange. Or something. Basically I'm a goth girl so I know about it.

It is a kids' show, sooo you know, not the most well written, not the best humor, yeahh. But the aesthetic is pretty great. I really like Ruby, and her cat Doom, and especially Misery. She's the cutest and most hilarious character in the show. Swear she darkens up the whole thing every time she's on screen and it's great. She darkens down my night. The other characters aren't as good, and some are downright annoying (Poe). But still am enjoying it in some aspects and will probably casually watch it sometimes until we finish.

Third: Drawing is fun! Am starting to (JUST vaguely roughly beginning to) create a style for myself, and am liking the things we're creating. Self-expression always makes us feel nice. Might put some of my art here? Maybe? Probably will. We'll see.

The characters we're drawing right now are pretty much chibis. Can't do actual anatomy yet so am making huge heads and then small tiny little bodies below them without detail. But they're cute. Also giving them HUGE eyes and really outlining them so it looks like they're all wearing dark eyeliner (maybe they are).

Fourth: Another trip into the citywith my girlfriend. It's HOT out, because it's like, the middle of FUCKING summer, so instead of thigh highs I just put on fishnets and a skirt. More airy that way. Also took sunglasses. That stuff was good, made it more bearable under the sun.

We went in the evening to our favorite ramen shop, and ugh. I had not eaten for a whole ass day. That dude brought the ramen to our table and I just devoured it like a... lion!!! Large cat. I just. Wolfed it down and then wanted another bowl. That shit was so fucking good. Am so hungry just thinking about it, wanna eat there every week. Possibly multiple times. Can't wait to go back there.

And then we went to a cool ass music store. That place was HUUUGE, had so many CDs and records and even cassette tapes. Didn't end up buying anything, but we stayed in there for hours, checking out everything. Would have probably spent money if they had copies of some of my more obscure favorites, but they didn't have anything like that. But they did, of course, have The Cure.

Fifth: The Cure. Mate, we listened to Seventeen Seconds a while back, like months. That's their second album. Remember finding nothing special about it. Then tried getting into Disintegration, which we like now, but still not a whole lot. Then listened to Pornography, and was like hmmmm.... okayyyyy, there is something here.

Past few days have just been listening to so much Cure. LOVE Pornography, LOVE Faith, and LOVE Seventeen Seconds. Don't know what I was thinking before... well, I do a little. We usually listen to more experimental stuff and this was an album from 1980 that was nothing new to me. But now I understand. These albums NAIL that gloomy vibe I now look for. Not sure we will like anything else in their discography as much, because those are supposed to be the darkest ones I think, and then after that they switched styles. Will see.

Has made me also want to get into other older goth stuff, like Siouxsie and Joy Division, because dang, if this classic music is this good to me, there must be more. Have listened to First and Last and Always by Sisters of Mercy, and remember enjoying that quite a bit, reminded us a lot of Twin Tribes. And Twin Tribes make my favorite goth. Fuck I love being goth.

That's about it, fellow cats. Hope you have a beautiful night, and remember... it's all doom and gloom.