10. Get me out of the United States

July 2, 2022 07:00

Mood: Hopeless

Listening to: Superstition CD

Am feeling absolutely DONE with the United States. Over it. No longer want to live here ever again.

Am still very young. Don't know much about how the world works, never had a job. Do not care. Am certain I would be happier in other places.

So, let me complain about all the shit I hate about living here.

First: Mentioned this in a previous diary entry, but the infrastructure in this country is TRASH!!!!!!!!! IT'S GARBAGE! You need a car to do anything! And what do you need to get a car? Money! What do you need to get money? A job! How are people meant to get a job when the zoning laws are so shit that you CANNOT WALK ANYWHERE OR GET ANYWHERE WITHOUT A CAR? You are fucked. (Also to get a job you need to have money to pay for an ID. So it's all fucked from the start.)

Forget about good public transportation, unless you're in NYC or some shit like that. It is trash. Not only is it trash, but the culture here is so stupid that you're actively LOOKED DOWN UPON for not using a car. As if it's an expected thing that you will get one. DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE A CAR. FUCK CARS. NEVER WANT TO DRIVE ONE. Want to live somewhere where I don't need one.

Second: Speaking of culture, holy shit people are so stupid here. Will not get into everything that annoys me, because am not sure how much of it is specific to this country.

For one thing, religion is still HUGE here. Look. Do not have a problem with a person making a decision to be religious. The problem is with the religion itself, and the way it is used to turn people into absolutely braindead idiots who don't even realize how evil they are being. SO MANY PEOPLE in this country are against homosexuality, transgender people, abortion, etc. Will never understand this. And racism is still a huge problem. What a joke. Absolutely embarrassed and ashamed to have been born and raised here.

Am also annoyed as fuck by the "patriots" of this country who LOVE it and think it's the greatest place ever. While voting for representatives that fuck up everything even more, and being bigoted towards everyone that isn't their specific gender, race, and sexual orientation. Their idiocy disgusts me.

Hate the stupid US flag. Hate what it stands for, hate the design. Hate that people feel the need to put it up EVERYWHERE. Find me one US suburb that has no US flag displayed. It's just stupid. People are so conditioned to love this place and it builds a culture of not questioning authority or wanting to improve, because they don't think they need to.

HATE THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. IT IS EVIL. It is absolutely insane to me how children are made to unthinkingly recite a pledge to not only their nation, but in reference to a GOD. And allegiance to what, a flag? Fucking kidding me? A flag is a piece of cloth. What do you mean THE flag? The design of the flag? I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THIS SPECIFIC ARRANGEMENT OF COLORS! THIS IS WHAT I AM LOYAL TO! Indivisible? The country is literally divided into fifty different states, all with their own laws, and then into counties and shit. But sure, indivisible. Liberty and justice for all? Give me a fucking break.

Third: Politics. The federal government of this country has now said that you can't get an abortion. Thankfully, some states are still overriding that. But the fact that in the TWENTY TWENTIES, this is an issue, is just pathetic. It's tragic. And one of the justices wants to get rid of rights for gay people. Just can't believe this is still a problem. Am actually getting scared. Somehow, so many people are still against people like me having rights, and they actually want to murder us. Don't really feel like getting murdered. Am not feeling very safe.

This is happening under a democrat president, and a democrat majority house of representatives. The United States government is a complete joke. They do not care about the well-being of the people. I trust no politicians.

And why does everything have to be about the two sides? There are two major parties, but I don't get the point of this. Don't see how they're all that different, and even then, there are other parties that people just don't vote for. It is only this way because this is how people vote. They don't vote for who they actually want. It's hilariously stupid. People ALREADY IN THE GOVERNMENT will choose someone to be president, and then people vote for THEM. Imagine if people voted for someone they actually trusted and agreed with. This system is so stupid.

Fourth: Weather. Live in the pacific northwest, and it gets far too hot here. Already this summer I think it has reached over 35 degrees. Never want to live in a place that reaches even 30. And we barely ever get snow. Love snow. It's beautiful and I need more of it in my life. Will never understand people that want to live NEARER to the equator. I want to live farrr up north.

Those are just some of the reasons. Generally, I do not enjoy anything about living here in particular. Not saying other places wouldn't be worse. Of course there are far worse places to live in the world. But there is almost nothing here for me. Feel that I was not meant to be born here.

So, where to move to? Want to move to Europe. Specifically, one of the nordic countries. More specifically, Norway. Norway is awesome. One, they are awesome with making sure my rights are protected! They don't give a shit if I fuck other hot girls or grow my tits out. They do give a shit if someone discriminates against me. Imagine that.

The weather there seems sooooooooo nice. It averages around freezing in winter in Oslo I think, which means it gets colder everywhere further north. Which means way more snow. Ugh sounds so beautiful and good. Did a search and read that it usually only gets up to 25 degrees at the hottest in Norway. That's just brilliant.

They also have better public transport, obviously. Norwegian is a much cooler language than English. And their nature, hoooohhh my goodness. Am absolutely entranced by snowy mountains and ice, and they sure have a lot of that stuff. Would love to spend a lot of time out in nature in the cold (with safety precautions that I would have to learn, of course). Think I would also enjoy learning how to ski, maybe.

Lately, it feels like everything I want in life is impossible to achieve. The entire system I live within feels like it was built specifically for me and people like me to fail. For a long time, I assumed that this was my fault. But now, am realizing that it is just a terrible, broken, and unjust system. Am I entitled? Yes, I am entitled. I am entitled to food, water, shelter, and basic human rights. I deserve to be who I am and to do what makes me happy. But it just doesn't feel possible for me to beat this system. So I want to leave it, and never come back to this shithole. So sick of it.

Thanks for reading. If you have any advice, please let me know. Have a beautiful night.