1. I like doing things

April 7, 2022 23:20

Mood: Anxious

Listening to: Sargasso Sea by Pram

Welcome to my first diary entry. I used to keep many diaries when I was younger. In them, I would just ramble about my many random thoughts about what was going on in my life. It helped to write down my feelings and it sort of organized what was going on in my head. So hopefully this will accomplish that same thing. I will also try to just type as I would speak. It might not be the most interesting thing to read, but that's just how it is. Not every thing about my life is going to be interesting to other people, so if you're reading this, I hope this gives some insight on another human being's life. (Mine >.>)

Anyway! Today is Thursday. I have a job interview on Saturday, for a pizza restaurant. I've never gone to a physical job interview before. I'm very anxious about that. But I'm not going to try to bull shit them and lie my way into getting a job. I am going to answer the questions honestly, and if I don't get hired, then oh well. I guess I'll figure out something later.

Since getting into this whole website-building thing a month ago, I have gained so many interests: the old web, computers, operating systems, retro games and game consoles . . . I have also started to watch anime again. Oh and Sanrio! I just watched the first episode of Onegai My Melody today. I think I will continue watching it after I finish some other ones, namely Lucky Star and Yuru Camp, maybe another one. I also have technically done some art in the form of pixel art, because I've created my own button and I'm proud of that. Having lots of hobbies is not a bad problem to have. It just means sometimes there are so many things that I want to do that it's hard to decide what to put my time into at any given time.

But that's why I'm happy that I've stuck with this website for as long as I have. A month isn't long, but it's honestly longer than I expected to be into it. When I find a new interest and then become super invested, I expect to sort of fade out of it pretty quickly. But I haven't with this and I'm glad. I'm sure other people have. I think for a lot of people Neocities is just sort of a retro nostalgia sort of thing. They find it, they dabble in it, and then decide it's not worth all the time and effort. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm just lucky in that I believe I've found something that I really connect with. I don't have nostalgia for the old web, I just love it anyway.

That's probably about it. Thank you for reading, whoever you are. Have a beautiful night.