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Name: Gloom

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her

Age: 22

~ Likes ~ ~ Dislikes ~
  • Night
  • Pink
  • Cats
  • Girls
  • Femboys
  • Skirts
  • Thigh high socks
  • Pocky
  • Silence
  • Occult aesthetic
  • Emoticons
  • Snow
  • Eating good food
  • Emojis.
  • Motor vehicles
  • Dogs
  • Advertisements
  • Fast food
  • Summer
  • Daylight
  • Religious nutjobs
  • Crowded places
  • YouTube commenters
  • Poor grammar
  • Working

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My stupid shitpost channel

Hey bitches, I'm the pastel goth on the retro web. Pastel goth means I mix dark stuff with cute stuff! I prefer being awake at night, and like to immerse myself in the darkness. I also love the kawaii aesthetic, and super duper uber cute pink and colorful girly things.
So, I mix these two together, and it comes out in my fashion, my web design, and other aspects of my life. Generally, most things I fancy in the world fit into one of these two categories. Obviously, my favorite colors are pink and black, but I love purple too!!
What I'm interested in changes depending on when you ask me, because usually a month later I will be obsessed with something totally different. But here are some things I like currently.
Anime: I strive to be able to call myself an otaku. My favorite genres are mahou shoujo (magical girl) and slice of life cgdct (cute girls doing cute things). I was never super into anime, but currently I watch it every day and do not intend to stop soon.
Music: Am big into music! I take that shit seriously. My favorite music is experimental/dark ambient, and post-rock type stuff. But I also love goth music (mostly goth rock and darkwave), other avant-garde stuff, and I wanna get more into metal, specifically gothic, death, and black. Am almost exclusively an album listener, and I'm that one chick that still buys CDs.
List of other shit I like: Emily the Strange, Vocaloid, Invader ZIM, Serenity Rose, Avatar: the Last Airbender, retro gaming, liminal spaces, flip phones, Pokémon, geography.